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Linnie Kern: Shaklee DistributorHello, I'm Linnie Kern.

In 1982, I was feeling really fatigued all the time.  As a wife and mom to 3 active kids, I found I was just out of gas before the end of the day.  That was when I was introduced to Shaklee products and I've felt great ever since!


As I began to feel better, I spent more time studying the products and learning about Dr. Shaklee's philosphies on nature and health.  Then I learned that I could make a career out of helping others the way I was helped!  That was it - 6 months later, I began building my own Shaklee dream.

So now I'm an ambassador of good health for my community. A huge plus is that I'm receiving great tax advantages because I work from home. Now I have more time to spend with my grandchildren, to play golf and still contribute to our income!  Who says the only way to enjoy the fantastic feeling of "success" as a female entrepreneur is in corporate America? Not me!

Today, my husband and I enjoy a wonderful lifestyle. We have the freedom to work when we want, spend time with family and friends, decide what we will earn, travel when/where we want, as well as on the many all expense paid incentive trips earned from Shaklee, and lots more!

If you're looking to make a change...to feel good about what you do...to be a part of a community that believes in doing well by doing good, then maybe it's time we talk! Email me at linnie.kern@gmail.com to set up your no-obligation consultation today!


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